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Juha Lehrbäck 氏の講演日程、及び内容について



日時  11月19日   14時から15時半

講師 Juha Lehrbäck (Jyväskylä大学,フィンランド)

題目 Sufficient boundary conditions for Hardy inequalities

場所 名城大学4号館5階514室

In this talk, I will first rewiev the history of the Hardy inequalities, starting from the one-dimensional considerations by G.H. Hardy et al. and then through the Lipschitz domain case due to J. Necas to the important non- smooth sufficient condition of A. Ancona, J. Lewis, and A. Wannebo, given in terms of uniform fatness. After this I will introduce a recent sufficient condition for weighted Hardy inqualities. This condition is a Hausdorff content density condition for the boundary, and it contains the above results as special cases and gives a sharp bound for the exponents that are admissible in weighted Hardy inequalities.

レールバックさんは11月21日から23日に名城大学サテラ イトMSATで 行われる第53回函数論シンポジウムでも講演されま す.この集会の情報は http://www.cajpn.org/complex/conf10/symp10.html をご覧下さい.


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